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Why Tomorrowland (The Movie) is Exciting

There is something about Disney World that excites me.  This is probably due to the numerous experiences that I have had with the parks.  There’s just something about the place that makes me enthusiastic.  Simply, it is a magical place.

If I had to pick a favorite park in Disney World, it would probably be Tomorrowland.  It’s the ride Space Mountain that really does it for me.  There is nothing more iconic about the theme park than the futuristic looking structure that holds the thrilling coaster inside.  The minute you enter Tomorrowland, all you see around you is futuristic buildings and structures.  It’s just a place of wonderment, especially when I was a kid.

space mountain

A couple of years back, Walt Disney Pictures announced a project entitled 1952.  It was a mysterious announcement and not much was known about it at the time.  Then, as time passes, casting announcements were made, including George Clooney and Hugh Laurie.  It was also announced that Brad Bird would be the director of the project.  Recently, however, the project received a title switch, and transformed into Tomorrowland.

tomorrowland posterThe movie, slated for a 2015 release, received a teaser trailer that was just put out a couple of days ago.  The trailer prominently features Britt Robertson, who plays the part of a teen brimming with curiosity over a pin she finds that takes her to an alternate world known as Tomorrowland, a place where “nothing is impossible”.  The trailer also gives us a glimpse of George Clooney’s character, who is a grizzled inventor who was a former boy-genius.  The movie looks like it will be about the two of them exploring this world of Tomorrowland.

As you would expect, I am pretty excited for 2015.  I am a sucker for movies that feature the Disney parks.  It’s unknown whether or not Tomorrowland will be based on the Disney theme park but judging by the looming futuristic structure in the teaser (that bares some resemblance to the Space Mountain structure), things look promising.

tomorrowland 2

The movie Escape from Tomorrow was a film that was shot in the Disney parks without Disney’s knowledge.  As weird an interesting as it was, it was still cool to see the familiar world of Disneyland cast in a dark light.  Now, I am not saying that I want Tomorrowland to cast the Disney park in a dark and gritty spotlight, but I am interested to see how the park will be represented, given that the movie is being made by Walt Disney Pictures themselves.

My guess is that Disney will follow suit of movies like Divergent or The Hunger Games and make a movie that will largely appeal to the teen demographic.  This can come to be expected given that Disney is making the movie and they probably not willing to make a darker movie about their own theme park.

tomorrowland 1

Still, my excitement level for this movie remain high in the coming months that will lead up to it’s release, considering that more information will likely get released.  I have always had a thing for Tomorrowland, and a movie about this park will be exciting for me, no matte what sort of form it will take.