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2015 Grammy Awards Predictions

The lists are out and the nominees have been announced!  There looks to be a lot of tough races in some of the categories.  It’s going to be interesting once it all goes down on February 8th.  Now, it’s time for me to make my semi-educational guesses as to who will take home the big awards…

RECORD OF THE YEARgrammy 2014 1

-“Fancy” by Iggy Azalea feat. Charlie XCX

-“Chandelier” by Sia

-“Stay With Me” (Darkchild Version) by Sam Smith

-“Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift (WINNER)

-“All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor

This was one of the tougher categories to choose.  The favorites are probably “Fancy”, “Shake It Off”, and “All About That Bass”.  However, I think Taylor Swift will be the lucky lady that takes home the award.

ALBUM OF THE YEARgrammy 2014 2

Morning Phase by Beck

Beyonce by Beyonce

by Ed Sheeran

In The Lonely Hour by Sam Smith  (WINNER)

Girl by Pharrell Williams

This was probably the toughest category for me to choose.  All of the albums that were nominated have an extremely likely chance of getting the award, however I thought that Sam Smith had a hell of a year and his album might sit well with the board of judges.   I guess we will have to wait and see.


-“All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor

-“Chandelier” by Sia

-“Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift  (WINNER)

-“Stay With Me” (Darkchild Version) by Sam Smith

-“Take Me To Church” by Hozier

“Shake It Off” was the song that got in your head every time you listened to it, no matter if you liked Taylor Swift or not.  It’s a catchy tune that served as one of the standout tracks on her album 1989.  I am going to go ahead and say that the award will be in Taylor Swift’s hands by the end of the night.

BEST NEW ARTISTgrammy 2014 3

-Iggy Azalea  (WINNER)


-Brandy Clark


-Sam Smith

Iggy Azalea has had a busy year.  She’s been on many hit singles and she has put out a hit album as well.  She also has come under a ton of fire from some of her hip-hop superiors.  Don’t forget about her night at the American Music Awards as well, where she took home all the awards for the hip-hop category.  She has handled herself really well through all of this, and that is why I think she is the best new artist of the year.  However, Sam Smith would make a good choice as well.

And now for some of the other categories that interest me…


Ghost Stories by Coldplay

Bangerz by Miley Cyrus

My Everything by Ariana Grande

Prism by Katy Perry  (WINNER)

by Ed Sheeran

In The Lonely Hour by Sam Smith


Syro by Aphex Twin

While (1>2) by Deadmau5  (WINNER)

Nabuma Rubberband by Little Dragon

Do It Again by Royksopp & Robyn

Damage Control by Mat Zo


-“Drunk In Love” by Beyonce feat. Jay Z  (WINNER)

-“New Flame” by Chris Brown feat. Usher & Rick Ross

-“It’s Your World” by Jennifer Hudson feat. R. Kelly

-“Like This” by Ledisi

-“Good Kisser” by Usher


Sail Out by Jhene Aiko

Beyonce by Beyonce  (WINNER)

X by Chris Brown

Mali Is… by Mali Music

Girl by Pharrell Williams

BEST RAP SONGgrammy 2014 8

-“Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj

-“Bound 2” by Kanye West

-“I” by Kendrick Lamar  (WINNER)

-“We Dem Boyz” by Wiz Khalifa

-“0 to 100/The Catch Up” by Drake

BEST RAP ALBUM??????????????????????????????????

The New Classic by Iggy Azalea

Because The Internet by Childish Gambino

-Nobody’s Smiling by Common

The Marshall Mathers LP2 by Eminem  (WINNER)

Oxymoron by Schoolboy Q

Blacc Hollywood by Wiz Khalifa

*Side Note: This category should be interesting given all of the controversy and words that have been exchanged between Iggy and Eminem.

With that, my predictions have been made for the big categories as well as the categories that interest me the most.  Now we will have to wait till February 8th to see whether or not I was right about these choices, or a complete idiot.  Probably the latter, but I like to think that I am better than that.




Review: Shady XV

shady xv album coverShady XV (2014)

Various Artists

Rap / Hip-Hop

Shady / Interscope

Fifteen is a special number for the group at Shady Records, led by founder Eminem.  It’s been fifteen years since the label was created, a label that has put out a lot of great work.  Fifteen is also the number of projects that the label has put out, including Shady XV and excluding all of Eminem’s solo work.  Shady XV is a celebration of the past, as well as a bright look into the future of what Shady has to offer.  It’s a fun ride.

The album is split into two parts, discs X and V.  The first disc contains some new material from Shady artists like Yelawolf, Royce da 5’9″, Slaughterhouse, Bad Meets Evil, and Eminem.  The second disc is a “greatest hits” of sorts that contains some past work from Shady Records.  There is a lot to this album, so I will first start off with the new stuff.

shady xv 1

The new tracks that were released for the album mostly come from Eminem, as well as Slaughterhouse and D12.  The album starts off with the title track “Shady XV”, and then goes into “Psychopath Killer” and “Die Alone.”  It’s immediately apparent that the album has a raw and unfiltered tone.  I guess that’s the perk of Eminem founding his own label.  He’s not going to have any executive whispering in his ear what he can and cannot say.

Which leads me to the track “Vegas” by Bad Meets Evil.  There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the song as of late regarding some things Eminem says on the track.  He takes pot shots at Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj, and probably more prominently Iggy Azalea.  He makes a reference to raping her, which is a little unsettling when you hear it.  But that’s what Eminem thrives on.  He frankly doesn’t care and he prides himself in stirring up controversy.

Other song’s like “Guts Over Fear” featuring Sia and “Detroit vs Everybody”, which features a lot of rappers from the city, are prime examples of excellence.  “Guts Over Fear” is a song of motivation and inspiration, while “Detroit vs Everybody” gives Detroit natives a fight song that they can rally behind.

shady xv 2

The second disc features a bunch of knockout hits from Shady Records past.  Some of them are well known, while others could be considered to be deep cuts.  Hits like “I Get Money” and “In Da Club” are two hits from 50 Cent that are probably the most recognizable.  We also get a version of “Lose Yourself”, one of Eminem’s hits from the 8 Mile Soundtrack.  We also get hits like “Fight Music” from D12 and “Let’s Roll” from Yelawolf, which was a sleeper hit in my opinion.

I would have liked to see a more of Eminem’s hits on the second disc, but it tends to be hard to please everybody when it comes to greatest hits albums.  My guess is that Eminem will probably come out with his own Greatest Hits album later in his career that will chronicle his long history in the rap game.  However, if Shady XV doesn’t satisfy your appetite for classic hits, I would point you to the Shady Classics mixtape, which features 66 songs from Shady Record’s past.  It’s a long listen but well worth it.

Shady XV is a wonderful piece of work from the Shady camp.  A lot of people mostly care about Eminem when it comes to Shady Records, but the album contains a lot of great samples of some of the other lesser known members of the label.  If you are completely new to the label, Shady XV is a great starting point, but I highly recommend going back and listening to their older stuff as well.  The new songs on the album are all great as well, with some of them destined to be on a future Greatest Hits album as well.

Eminem hasn’t slowed down at all.  In fact, he is getting better at what he does, which is hard to believe considering how great he is already.  His lyrics still entrance me and its easy to get lost in his music.  Shady XV features some raw Eminem, and that’s a brilliant thing.