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Fallout 4 Automatron: Robots, Robots, and More Robots

fallout 4 automatron coverFallout 4 might have been released last November, but the game is far from being drained out.  New content is on the way, starting with the latest piece of DLC for Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG, Automatron.  The add-on is small when you compare it to the DLC that was released for Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, but there is a substantial bit of content that adds some pretty cool features to the base game.

fallout 4 automatron 1
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Robots get the spotlight in Automatron.  The DLC is all about robots.  During the add-on’s first moments, you stumble upon a fight in progress between a caravan of wasteland survivors and a band of rogue robots.  You lend your fighting skills to the battle, but ultimately can’t do anything to save the caravan.  You defeat the robots, but the only survivor from the battle is a robot companion named Ada.  She informs you that the rogue robots are a product of the mysterious figure known as the Mechanist.  The Mechanist has been developing a high number of heavily armed robots and setting them free across the Commonwealth to help the people they come across.  Misinterpretation can be deadly however, as the robots take it upon themselves to “kill” the people of the Commonwealth, instead of “help.”

With your newfound robot companion Ada at your side, it becomes your mission to investigate who this mysterious Mechanist is and why he is doing what he is doing.  The new DLC contains a short little quest line, consisting of four new missions.  The quest line is short, requiring only about two-three hours of your time.  The story is short, but sweet and tells an interesting story that wraps up pretty nicely.  It’s nothing mind-blowing, but it will keep you entertained.  It will give you a chance to revisit some existing locations as well as some new areas, including a new RobCo facility full of deadly robots that want your blood.

fallout 4 automatron 2
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The quests and storyline that that DLC provides are nice, but let’s get into the aspect that everybody comes for; the robot building.  Yep, the DLC gives you the ability to modify Ada or construct your own robot.  As you make your way through the DLC, you will pick up various robot parts that you can use to customize your own robot.  You can modify things like armor, weapons, special abilities, and the paint job of your robot.  There’s a lot of customization tools at your disposal, giving players the ability to make some intense looking robots.  The customization and modding pretty much works just like the base games’ weapon and armor customization, so familiar players should feel right at home.  There’s not too much you can do in terms of paint jobs, which is a little unfortunate.  Players have the ability to give their Power Armor some pretty neat paint jobs, so I was hoping it was going to be the same for the robots.  Base colors make up the only paint jobs you can give your robot…which is a small bummer.

During my play-through I only modified Ada, so I can’t speak too much for what it’s like to create your own robots.  However, it was a lot of fun and had enough tools to let you be creative in the type of robot you want to make.  You can develop Sentry Bots, Mr. Handy Robots, Assaultrons, and other robots similar to what you can find in the world.  Speaking of robot enemies, there’s a plethora of new robot enemies that you’ll encounter in Automatron.  They range from simple junk bots to massive, and slightly terrifying, Sentry Bots with skulls for faces. These new robots will prove tough to fight and there were a number of battles were getting overwhelmed was pretty easy.  The game sets the level requirement to 15, which makes sense.  Any level one player will get mowed down in seconds.  The robots aren’t too tough, but they will put up a fight unlike some of the other enemies from the base game.

fallout 4 automatron 3
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A mark of a good DLC is if it enriches existing content in addition to providing something new.  New stuff is always nice, but if the DLC doesn’t give you a reason to go back to the base game, then what’s the point of making it an add-on?  Automatron gives players a whole new set of customization tools that give the incentive for you to go back through the wasteland to collect materials for your new robots.  I was a little lukewarm at first when the first two Fallout 4 add-ons were small little experiences, but Automatron proved its worth pretty quickly.  The pack’s price, $9.99 (the price if you didn’t pick up the Season Pass), is worth it if you are hesitant on picking up the, now more expensive, Season Pass.