Review: Archer Season 1

archer s1 posterArcher (Season 1) (2009-2010)


Animation / Action / Comedy

Starring: H. Jon Benjamin, Judy Greer, Amber Nash

Creator: Adam Reed

A little while back, I was watching a Netflix comedy series BoJack Horseman, an animated comedy about a horse who is a has-been Hollywood TV star.  The show, which was pretty funny, got me in the mood for more animated comedies of it’s kind.  So, I started to look around at what I could dive into and I came about Archer, a comedy about spies.  Considering I liked movies like James Bond,and I have a general interest for animated comedies, I gave it a try.

archer s1 1

Sterling Archer, voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, is a playboy international spy working for ISIS, an international spy agency.  He’s an interesting man, as well as a terrible person.  Why?  He has a knack to sleep with almost every woman he meets, he get’s boners at the thought of his mother Malory Archer(Jessica Walter) (who happens to be his superior at ISIS), he has a tendency to spend a ton of money on the ISIS tab, and he get’s himself into a lot of trouble with his co-workers…on a regular basis.

He is downright funny though, no question about it.  The situations that he get’s himself into are absolutely insane and hysterical.  If there is one redeeming quality about Archer, it’s his talent at being a super-spy.  He always gets himself out of trouble, no matter how ridiculous it is.

archer s1 3

He is often joined by his ex girlfriend and co-spy Lana Kane (Aisha Tyler).  She, so far, has been a memorable character.  Her interactions with Archer are hilarious.  She despises him, but it is clear that they still have a little chemistry for each other, and this shows.  However, she has moved on and is now dating Cyril Figgis (Chris Parnell), another co-worker at ISIS.  If you haven’t noticed by now, ISIS’s employees are pretty much sleeping with each other left and right.  These love circles provide a lot of the show’s comedy and they are hilarious to watch.

archer s1 2

Cheryl Tunt (Judy Greer) is basically the tramp of ISIS.  She seems to be loose and thirsty in every episode, and she has a weird lust for getting chocked by a fireman.  It’s her fantasy that she constantly dreams about.  We also see Pam Poovey (Amber Nash), who is the HR person for ISIS.  Her character, who is played masterfully by Amber Nash, is the unsung hero of the show so far.  Most of her lines are pretty memorable and are nailed every time.  It’s fun to watch a scene that she is in.

archer s1 5

Every episode features Archer and ISIS getting involved in different missions that put them in some crazy situations.  Most of the time however, we just see the Archer and the gang screw each other over during the course of the show.  It seems like this is the primary focus and humor behind the show.

It’s easy to see what and who will make an appearance in season 2.  In the third episode, we meet a man named Conway Stern (Colby Bell), who was brought on to the team to bring diversity to the ISIS team.  However, Archer figures out that there is actually some evil intentions behind his motives.  We also will probably see more of ODIN, which is rival counterintelligence agency.

archer s1 4

If the show can keep up the amount of laughs, while still keeping the concept behind the show fresh, there will be no limits to where the future seasons of Archer can go.  Obviously, the futures seasons have already been aired (I am a few years behind) but I still intend to watch them all in order.   I have been hooked by what Archer has to offer and I hope to see more of the crazy antics of Archer and ISIS.




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