What Makes A Transformer Roll?

With the release of the newest Tranformer movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction, coming to theaters this weekend, there has been a fair share of anticipation.  Some think it might be the revitalization that the series needs while others think it is the final nail in the coffin.  However, there is a bigger question at hand, one that has never been fully explained.  How does this giant mechanized Transformers work?

The TV shows and the movies have always put the spotlight on these mech’s exploits and their conflicts, but what about their inner workings?  The act of transformation that these machines go through is quite extraordinary and it never gets old when we see the transformations on the screen.  There has to be a lot at play that makes this deed even possible.  Thanks to an info-graphic from Fandango, lets see how these machines do the things they do…

via Fandango
via Fandango

Alright, well maybe this isn’t the most definitive look at a Transformer, it does give us something to work with.   The graphic doesn’t go into very much detail, but it does outline why Transformers kick so much ass.  The most peculiar piece of information from the diagram is perhaps the fuzzy dice that are so skillfully placed…because nuff said.

Unfortunately it seems to look like we have a long way to go before we truly can understand how these intriguing machines work.  It’s something I want to see a future tackle.  Although this would be a rather hard topic to explore, it would still interest a lot of fans out there, for sure.  Perhaps a special feature on a future blu-ray release?


The Characters of Gotham

Gotham, the newest Fox drama to debut this Fall, is looking to be one of my more anticipated TV shows.  The drama looks to explore the good and bad of Gotham and it will delve into the stories of those heroes and villains that roam the streets.  Fox recently released eight new character posters showing off the primary characters that will take center stage in the new series.  They give a good look at the direction that the show is going in.

Gotham Key Art Wayne
via Entertainment Weekly

First we have young Bruce Wayne, played by David Mazouz.  At first glance we can see a young, and wealthy, boy who has a lot of emotion running through his veins.  He witnessed his parent’s death and now he has to determine where he goes from there.

Gotham Key Art Gordon
via Entertainment Weekly

We then have Detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie).  It’s looking like the show will have a lot of focus on this young detective as he tries to sort out the crime and terror that is littering the streets of Gotham.  By the look on his face, you can tell that he has a lot to prove.

via Entertainment Weekly
via Entertainment Weekly

I am really looking forward to seeing Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor), probably more commonly known as The Penguin.  He’s cunning and he is one of the classic villains in the Batman franchise.  I am sure that the umbrella-toting gentleman will be very witty in his ways.

Gotham Key Art Harvey
via Entertainment Weekly

I don’t personally know too much about Detective Harvey Bullock, who is played by Donal Louge.  He is Gordon’s partner in detective work.  He has a gruff and gritty look about him, which lends to his cynical personality that he is going to bring to the show.

Gotham Key Art Kyle
via Entertainment Weekly

Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) a.k.a. Catwoman is another villain that will be gracing Gotham with her presence.  She is a teen orphan and she is quick and a master at thievery.  She will most likely be a nuisance to Gordon as she masterfully navigates the city streets.

Gotham Key Art Mooney
via Entertainment Weekly

Next up we got Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith), the sinister looking crime lord of Gotham.  She has underlings that work for her, including Cobblepot and she knows her way around the streets.  She lives the underground gangster life and she is looking to take control of the crime-ridden city.

via Entertainment Weekly
via Entertainment Weekly

One of the more intriguing characters of the series will by Ivy Pepper (Clare Foley) or Poison Ivy.  Why so intriguing?  Because she is the one character we don’t really know about.  She has a love for plants and this will most likely have something to do with her foray into crime.

via Entertainment Weekly
via Entertainment Weekly

Last but not least we have Edward Nygma (Corey Michael Smith).  He is more commonly known as the Riddler, one of the more meddling villains in the Batman universe.  He is smart, witty and has a big head on his shoulders.  In this series he is a young forensic scientist who works at the Gotham PD.

The series will come out this Fall to a lot of anticipation and hype.  I am really looking forward to this series, which looks to be more character driven then action driven, but there will still be a ton of action for the superhero hungry.

Review: Game Dev Tycoon

When I started to play Game Dev Tycoon, I was expecting an experience that somewhat represented what Game Design is like. The game puts you in the position of a CEO of a small game studio in the 70’s. You run the operation out of a garage but it is your job to start making hit games to get you out of the slumps and into the big-time.

game dev tycoon 1

The early game was pretty fun. You start out by making your first game. You can give it a name, pick the topic, choose a platform, and choose what kind of graphics you want the game to have. The game takes you through three stages of game design. In each stage, you determine what aspects of the game should take priority. For example, if you are making an RPG, you would probably want to focus more on story and quests rather than gameplay, although gameplay is still important. It’s these kinds of decisions that can be hard to make.

The first game I made got average reviews, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really good either. That’s how most of your first couple of games turn out. Don’t expect to make a groundbreaking hit your first time around. It takes a couple of games before you can make that surprise hit that graduates you into a new office with more employees and more opportunities.

game dev tycoon 3

There are other aspects to the game too. You can train you and your employees to gain experience in different aspects of game design like design, technology, and research. You can also fulfill contract work and you can create a game engine of your own to make your games more advanced and nicer looking. You can research new topics and technology for your games to keep up with the times as well.

The coolest part of the game is the mini history lessons that it offers throughout. The game takes you through a 35 year history of the game industry. You go through the 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit, and 3D stages of the game industry. Although no actual realistic names are used, you get parodies of the real-life systems that you develop for.

The one thing that left a sour taste in my mouth though was the later stages of the game. You’d think that this would be the most exciting part of your studio’s run but it’s in fact that opposite. The game just drags along as you create game after game. Yes, your games our getting better reviews and your making more money, but there is nothing keeping the game’s formula fun. It almost becomes a chore, like a job. You have to train your employees to advance them into specialist roles, but that is the only aspect that is changed from the early game. It became boring and I was generally happy when those 35 years were over and I could retire.

game dev tycoon 2

Perhaps the designers of Game Dev Tycoon could have used a lesson in game design themselves. The game only delves into the surface level of the game design process and refused to take a deep dive into all the nitty-gritty details. The game failed to truly deliver a game design experience that rivals the realistic one.

Revealed: 6/3/14

Fable Anniversary Teased for the PC

People have been requesting for the Anniversary edition of Fable to come to PC, as evidenced by the teaser trailer that Lionhead released today.  In the video, you see a bunch of fake users putting up forum and chat posts about Fable Anniversary.  At the end of the video, a steam notification pops up notifying us that “HeroOfOakvale” is playing Fable Anniversary. The video also ends with the hashtag #HideTheChickens .

fable anniversary pc
via Giant Bomb

It will be interesting to see if they do anything new with the PC version (besides updated visuals) to make it feel like a different experience than the Xbox 360 version.  However, it will most likely just be a ported version of the game.  Since this was not a formal announcement, no release date or any other information has been released as of yet.  But this trailer is a good indication that the version is indeed coming.

Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age (Fall 2014)

Another Crytek game was announced today, which hasn’t been a surprise given the plethora of Crytek games that are now being announced. Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age looks to be a third person action game that puts you in the role of a hunter who has to go up against a threat of a zombie breakout.

hunt horrors of the gilded age
via Giant Bomb

The trailer, which was all cinematic, shows a graveyard outside of a church being taken over by zombies.  The camera then pans over the hill to focus on a group of four hunters, which all appear to have different skill sets.  This might indicated co-op modes but we still have no indication whether this is the case.

The game, which is based of the novel by John Hayward Hunter, is slated for a Fall 2014 release.  Platforms were not announced but it is presumably coming to next-gen consoles.

Batman: Arkham Night Delayed

Although this is not really an announcement, the game was revealed to have been delayed to sometime in 2015.  The newest Batman game from Rocksteady will be the first Batman game to include the Batmobile as a key gameplay feature.  The trailer that was released today shows a detailed look at the stylishly sleek Batmobile and it’s different weapons.

via Softpedia
via Softpedia

Although this can be considered bad news, I am all for it.  The game being released this Fall was kinda a stretch and it would have had to go up against a lot of competition in the release schedule.  If the game needs more time to be improved, then I am totally fine with the game coming out later.

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley (End of 2014)

via IGN
via IGN

It’s the RPG series that  still continues to go on!  It was announced today that Natsume is bringing Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley to the 3DS later this year.  The game will feature a lot of the same but the big new feature is the fully 3D environment that players will be able to explore.  You will be able to plant in the fields, build big gardens, and all of the other stuff you have come to expect from the Harvest Moon series.  The last game in the series, Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, got a pretty good reception so hopefully Natsume can continue the success of the farming life RPG.

Revealed – 6/2/14

Hey everybody, Revealed is a new daily series that I am going to start that goes over all of the big reveals of the day in the video game, movie, music, and TV world.  Obviously if a day doesn’t have any noteworthy announcements.  Hopefully in the future I can evolve the series to make it even better.

Mortal Kombat X (2015)

Mortal Kombat X Logo
Image via NeoSeeker

Today, Warner Bros. Interactive released a trailer for the hotly anticipated new Mortal Kombat game which plans to release on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, PS3, and Xbox 360.  Ed Boon,  Creative Director at NeatherRealm Studios, was teasing the game via Twitter with various photos and other things of the sort.  It was clearly apparent that the game was coming out.

Image via GotGame.com
Image via GotGame.com

In the trailer, we see an intense cinematic fight between two fighters.  The game looks pretty nice but it’s tough to say whether the game will fully utilize the next generation hardware if they are also focusing on previous gen systems.  Time will tell whether this is the case when the game is expected to release in 2015.

Forza Horizon 2 (Fall 2014)

The music focused racing game is back again for lap number two.  Forza Horizon 2, the sequel to the popular Forza Horizon was announced for the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, and PS3.  The game, which seems to take place in Southern Europe, will have the music festival as the primary focus of the game, just like it’s predecessor.

Forza Horizon 2 box art

It was announced that there are tons of new features and improvements in store for the game, which is slated for release this Fall.  The game’s Xbox One and PS4 version are being handled by Playground Games while the previous gen games will be developed by Sumo Digital.

Homefront: The Revolution (2015)

homefront revolution box art
Image via WCCF Tech

The follow up to the mildly successful Homefront was announced today as Homefront: The Revolution, a game that will be released on next gen consoles and PC.  The game, which will take place in Philadelphia is being published by both Crytek and Deep Silver. The city has been transformed into a police state and the citizens are being heavily occupied by North Korean forces.  Players will presumably have to “start a revolution” against these forces and take them out.

Image via Digital Spy
Image via Digital Spy

A trailer was released today showing off some of the game.  A full playable demo will be present at E3 this year.  The game does look nice and I am sure that the Crytek Engine will make the game look really pretty and sharp.

A New Game by Naughty Dog

According to an GameInformer interview with Evan Wells, the co-president of Naughty Dog, a new game is in the works.  “We definitely have another project on the scale of Uncharted in very early pre-production stages”, he said.  The studio has been recently split into two teams with one team working on the next Uncharted game and the other team is most likely working on this new game.

Image via godgames-world.blogspot.com
Image via godgames-world.blogspot.com

Now it is hard to tell which game they are actually working on.  It could be a new The Last of Us, but it could be another existing IP.  It could also be a whole new IP.  Maybe it will be announced at E3?  This might be a little doubtful though considering they will probably be spending most of their stage presence talking about Uncharted 4.