Oz the Great and Powerful Review

oz-the-great-and-powerful-movie-poster-02If you can remember, the original Wizard of Oz movie debuted way back in 1939, starring Judy Garland as Dorothy and Frank Morgan as the Wizard of Oz.  That was a long time ago so it makes you wonder why they waited so long to make another movie in the series, considering how well it has done.  Fans will finally get their answer when they watch the new movie from Disney, Oz the Great and Powerful.

The movie is basically a prequel to the original Oz movie and it stars James Franco as the wizard himself; the con-man.  He pretty much overacted throughout the whole movie, but, it works for his character.  He plays the part of the selfish and witty “wizard” that is sent to the mysterious land of Oz.  But, before we get to Oz, it starts out in…yes, you guessed it, Kansas.  The beginning part of the movie is completely shot in black and white, which works very well.  He does a show, but it goes horribly wrong when a little girl asks him to make her walk.  Oz runs away and then chaos ensues as he gets thrown into a Tornado while in a hot-air balloon.  Doesn’t this all sound familiar yet?oz_the_great_and_powerful_21

Oz finally finds him self in the very beautiful land of Oz.  The first thing I noticed when I saw the land of Oz was it’s beautiful landscapes and scenery.  There is so much color and visuals that fill the screen when he sets foot on the ground.  Everything looks awesome and it is definitely candy for the eyes!  The first person that the wizard meets on his journey is Theodora, played by Mila Kunis.  I talked about how good of a job James Franco did with his part and now I am going to talk about how horrible of a job Mila Kunis did with her acting.  She is just not believable at all when she says her lines and acts during the movie.  She is basically just there for eye-candy, giving viewers something to look at…and by that I mean her body.  It is actually surprising how much Disney let go when the movie deals with cleavage.  Basically all of the female characters…besides the little porcelain girl…have cleavage that are ready to burst out of their clothes.

Anyway, the Wizard and Theodora then go to the Emerald City where they find Evanora, the sister of Theodora.  Evanora shows the Wizard around and then puts him to the test.  She tells him to save them from the evil witch that has been reigning over the land of Oz.  This is basically the point in the story where Oz is tasked with basically finding himself as a person.  He at first doesn’t believe in himself but then progresses onto bigger and better things during the course of the movie.oz-great-powerful-image01

On his adventure, he meets characters like a Flying Monkey and a China Girl, who accompany him during his trek to find the evil witch.  The wizard also finds Glinda (Michelle Williams), the woman who basically helps him out throughout the rest of the movie.  I could go on about the movie but I don’t want to in lieu of spoilers.  The movie has lots of twists and lots of cool visuals throughout.  The coolest part of the movie was definitely seeing the CGI work that probably went into the movie.  The animators really brought everything to life, Oz-Great-and-Powerful-Franco-dollincluding the funny characters of the Flying Monkey and the China Girl.  Those two characters, especially the monkey, brought lots of comedic relief to the movie.

The movie will most likely get lots of mixed reactions because of the quality of acting in the movie.  The only person who really did a good job with their acting would probably be Michelle Williams and James Franco.  Everybody else was really unbelievable   But putting all of that beside, I was entertained.  Even though this was not the best movie I have every watched, it was still very entertaining and worth the price of admission.  It was very cool to see the plot come together and lay the groundwork for the plot events of the original Oz movie.  If you are a big Oz fan, or just someone who wants to see how it all comes together, just forget about the acting and watch for the experience…because it’s a good one!


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